Breed Description

Breed Description

Origin: China
Height: Ideal height is 11 to 13 inches (28-33 cm)
Weight: Not more than 12 lbs (5.5 kg)
It is believed that the Chinese Crested Dog evolved from the African Hairless being acquired by the Chinese and reduced in size, but the exact origin is unknown. He was once known as the "Chinese Ship Dog" because sailors often used him to hunt shipboard vermin or the dogs may also have been used as a food source. Another interesting theory about the breed is that many believe that his body temperature is higher than that of other breeds and, therefore, the Chinese Crested was often used as a stomach warmer as well as to drive out sickness or evil.

The Chinese Crested is very unique in appearance and comes in two varieties: The "Hairless" which is almost completely hairless except for a crest of fur on his head, a tuft on his tail called a plume, and fur around his feet known as socks; and the "Powderpuff" which is covered in long silky hair. Both varieties may be born from the same litter. He is a toy breed, both elegant and graceful. He is a loving companion, devoted, playful, intelligent and entertaining. He craves human companionship and is exceptionally friendly except that he may be reserved toward strangers.

The Hairless variety is often said to resemble a little pony or horse, running with crest and tail flying in the wind. In addition to the hair previously mentioned, the hairless dogs may also have some facial hair which can be trimmed or left natural. Their skin is soft and smooth to the touch.

The Powderpuff variety is born fully coated and the hair grows as they mature. There is very little shedding and both varieties may be good candidates for people with allergies. However, no breed is truly hypo-allergenic and for those who do suffer from allergies, it is strongly recommended that sufficient time be spent with the breed before any decisions are made.

The breed is adaptable to all types of living arrangements; however, he does require exercise and enjoys participating in various dog activities, such as obedience and agility.


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